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Reality brings you wherever you are supposed to be, it brought me to my last blog article for ‘Arts in Conflict’. It’s the last one, a closing one and I’ve been thinking about the topic it should cover. I could choose one of the topics I am extremely interested in, for example drones or street art. Or maybe I was supposed to touch upon a very current theme, that’s what blogs are made for aren’t they? The fall-back of world heritage in Syria, for example. Maybe I should try to summarize the previous articles I wrote (from ‘Save the world (and my future job)’  to ‘Drawing warriers?’ , but what’s the point in doing so? I decided to close with a positive article.

When the Treaty of Utrecht asked me to write for this blog, I immediately told them honestly that I knew nothing about art. I would figure it out, no worries and actually I did. Months later you still shouldn’t ask me about art techniques, about big names, about important upcoming events, but I knew and I know and believe in the immense power of art. Art can move you, me, world leaders and it does. I see that art can be a bridge between cultures (however we define ‘culture’), whether it’s high in the sky or down to earth. Actually, I love the one of the Tunisian artist eL Seed high in the sky:

I see surfboards painted by Phillip George to improve communication between East and West, I enjoy the latest photo series of Steve McCurry titled ‘A world of prayer’. A quick Google search on ‘art + intercultural exchange’ gives thousands of relevant hits, so my list could go on for a while. It’s not only on those art events with a capital letter a. I am currently living in Bradford, ‘Curry capital’ of the UK. During a water spectacle in the city park people of different generations and backgrounds participate and enjoy, together. Art is almost like hitchhiking, it causes interactions no one could ever predict on the forehand. Sometimes it goes wrong, but most of the time it’s a valuable, unforgettable experience.
So Huntington, I appreciate your work but I am glad you were wrong: I don’t see a clash of civilizations, I see all possible of mixed forms. We talk and listen and try to understand and in doing so, we use and we need the medium art. This century is a thrilling one in which we interconnect and I intensely enjoy being part of it!